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The Management System WinADM  is a management system for companies, of several segments developed by RH Soluções, com  Registrations, Purchases, Inventory/Cost, Billing, Financial, Reports, DRE. Accounting, DRE. Management, Barcode Labels and Raw Material.

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Certain of your entrepreneurial vision and with the aim of providing your company with all the benefits described below, in addition to others, we submit to RH Soluções for your appreciation the proposal specially developed for the Company's business management. This is the beginning of the organizational development plan, where it will be necessary to act in the face of knowledge of your company's internal processes and existing environmental variables, taking corrective, preventive and proactive actions. I remain at your entire disposal for any further clarifications.


System Modules


WinADM Management

Discover the Management System WinADM . Easiest Selling Module on the Market, monitor Registrations, Purchases, Inventory/Cost, Invoicing, Financial, Reports, DRE. Accounting, DRE. Management, Labels Cod. Bars and Raw Material, the system automatically generates sales statistics and updates on the quantities in stock, in addition to calculating salespeople's commissions, generating accounts payable for purchases, generating accounts receivable from customers and printing sales receipts.


NF-e 4.0 is the new standard for validating invoices. The change aims to provide more security to companies and, from now on, the protocol adopted is TLS 1.2. In addition, the main changes occur in the fields referring to the Fund to Combat Poverty (which receives ICMS resources) and the payment field (which is now part of the Payment Information Group). With this NF-e 4.0 model, the notes in version 3.1 will no longer be validated by government agencies (Sefaz). That's why it's essential that you have an updated invoice issuer.


The Electronic Consumer Invoice - NFC-e aims to offer a new, fully electronic alternative to the current paper tax documents used in retail (tax coupon issued by ECF and model 2 sales invoice to consumers), reducing the costs of ancillary obligations to taxpayers, while enabling the improvement of fiscal control by the Tax Administrations. For the final consumer, it allows the transparency of information such as checking the validity and authenticity of the tax document received.


The tax SAT is an innovation in the lives of Brazilian businessmen, which came to replace the traditional CF-e, which were the old tax coupons issued until then by commercial establishments in the State of São Paulo, with a fully electronic document, offering agility, modernization , practicality and cost reduction as benefits.


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